“Arevik” SHPP Make Tashtoun River Get in Disastrous Condition

“Arevik” SHPP Make Tashtoun River Get in Disastrous Condition


On 20 August, at 12:00 p.m., the public hearings for the specialized opinion, public opinion and the project affected community head’s opinion on the construction project of “Arevik” SHPP having submitted by “Zangezour Energo” LLC will be held at apt. 201, Arshakunyats 2, Yerevan.

“Arevik” SHPP will be constructed on the Tashtoun River in Syunik Region using the fall of 190 meter between the river indicators of 650.0-1460.0. It’s planned that it will annually produce 11.6 million kW/h electricity and the income made from the SHPP will be directed to the construction of new SHPPs or new energetic capacity building. The environmental flow in the river will account for 0.03 cum/sec water (30 liters). The water of the Tashtoun River will be pipes in a pressure pipe in the area of 2950 meters. On average, 38 trees with 8-32 cm diameter will be cut down in the area of laying the pipeline.

The length of the Tashtoun River is only 13 km, and “Arevik” SHPP will pipe 22.69% of the river. Under EcoLur’s Environmental Risk Model, which was developed under the methodology on detecting zones of extreme environmental situation and environmental disaster approved by the Russian Federation, Tashtoun River will get into disastrous situation.

August 15, 2014 at 12:06