Speleological Center Proposing to Ro Convert Caves into Museums

Speleological Center Proposing to Ro Convert Caves into Museums

Luiza Abrahamyan, YSU 3rd Year Journalism Faculty Student and EcoLur

Head of ' Speleological Center' NGO Samvel Shahinyan thinks that the rent received from leasing caves in Armenia shall be directed at the preservation of caves and converting them into museums.

'In case caves are converted into museums, visitors will understand how people used to live without disturbing the balance between nature and environment,' Samvel Shahinyan said.

As a result of the contest announced by RA Culture Ministry on the rent of caves for tourism, in 2017 'Magelan' cave in Vayots Dzor Region was rented by 'Inkar' LLC, 'Bear' and 'Mozrov' caves by Foundation for The Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, 'Areni 1' (birds) cave by 'Areni-1Cave' consortium, 'Stone Doors' in Aragatsotn Region by the consortium of 'Aghdz Middle Ages Ethno-Cultural Complex Museum' LLC and 'Artemis'.

It should be mentioned that the environmentalists were against the rent of caves as it could result in the elimination of the local rich biodiversity.

In case caves are not preserved properly, thousand-year-old cave formations can disappear forever. Other caves also face the risk of elimination of cave ecosystems and their integrity.

December 27, 2018 at 14:30