Nikol Pashinyan; Caucasian Leopard Responded to Our Decision Call This Year with Its Name

Nikol Pashinyan; Caucasian Leopard Responded to Our Decision Call This Year with Its Name


'I learned from the news report yesterday that the Caucasian leopard has responded to our decision to call this year with its name, it was found in the camera trap,' Armenian Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a joke at the cabinet meeting on 10 Jenuary.

Then Nikol Pashinyan wondered what kinds of measures are carried out for the conservation of the Caucasian Leopard in Armenia. In reply, Acting RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan responded, 'On Wednesday it is planned to sign a memorandum on animal reproduction project with Minister of Environment and Climate of the Emirates. They have a very good experience, implemented many projects, particularly in the African countries. Besides the restoration project, which still needs to be discussed, migration corridors and the areas where one can meet these species are very important, which are Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Ararat regions. We should establish sufficient conditions in socio-economic terms so as people don't exercise additional pressure on these species. The availability of the Caucasian leopard assumed there is sufficient ecosystem formed both for the bezoar goats, and the moufflons and other species. The private sector is also planned to be involved in these projects.'

The Armenian Government decided to declare the year 2019 as a year of the Caucasian leopard. Under the governmental resolution 'On Approving State Program of Caucasian Leopard Conservation for 2019 and Announcing Year 2019 as A Year of Caucasian Leopard', an international summit on the Caucasian leopard will be held in Armenia, postcards and stamps with the Caucasian leopard will be issued, a film will be shot and screened on the Armenian biodiversity, as well as an exhibition will be organized.

January 10, 2019 at 16:48