100% Derelict Situation with Sevan Whitefish: Nikol Pashinyan

100% Derelict Situation with Sevan Whitefish: Nikol Pashinyan


'I would like to call our citizens in case of eye-witnessing any environmental violation to apply to the relevant bodies. On our part at least, I would like to assure that no alarm signal, no case, no forest felling, hunting, illegal water use won't be left without consequences,' said Acting RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan at the cabinet meeting on 10 December.

'You said it in vain, Mr. Grigoryan,' Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan said, 'I have received a report, which says, in contrast to the decision, the situation with the Sevan whitefish fishing is 100% neglected. The news reports show that all the markets sell the Sevan whitefish. Here we should really think about a long-term solution to this problem. The report speaks about the malfunction of several departments, including RA Nature Protection Ministry, Police and Sevan National Park.'

Referring to RA Police Head Valeriy Osipyan Acting PM said, 'Illegal fishing must be excluded at all. Our fellow people should know that we have a specific approach and treatment towards nature conservation.'

Reminder; Gegharkounik-based NGOs have beaten an alarm signal on the illegal fishing of the whitefish and its free sale requesting to enhance fight against poachers in Lake Sevan.


January 10, 2019 at 17:05