"Exhibition of Junior Rangers" at "Yeritasardakan" Underground Station


WWF-Armenia, in partnership with Ayb School in Yerevan and Arpa Protected Landscape, with the support of Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Subway CJSC, presented an exhibition entitled ' Junior Rangers' on 14 January at "Yeritasardakan" Underground Station.

The exhibition has been organized in the frames of ' Junior Rangers' educational initiative, which has been implemented in Armenia since 2017.

In the course of the project, the schoolchildren from Areni and Khachik residential areas next to 'Ayb' School and Arpa Protected Landscape carried out wildlife field investigations and examinations, marked ecotouristic paths, installed information posters and organized lessons presented probable ways to solve environmental problems.

The authors of most photos at the exhibition are 'Ayb' schoolchildren, who show the most interesting parts of the project, as well as the natural world and historical and cultural sites of Arpa Protected Landscape. Junior Rangers Programme (JRP) started by the European Conservation Area Federation (EUROPARC). JRP operates in 80 protected areas across 19 different EU countries, uniting over 5000 participants through a range of environmental activities.

January 15, 2019 at 18:45