Environmental Objectives of New Strategy of National Security

Environmental Objectives of New Strategy of National Security

The restoration of Lake Sevan ecosystem, the efficient management of Ararat artesian basin and river ecosystems, the rational use of natural resources, and a number of other environmental goals are set out in the new National Security Strategy of the Republic of Armenia for 2020, which replaces the strategy for 2007. Below we present the section "Restoration, protection and improvement of the environment" of the document.

- We are committed to the restoration and conservation of Lake Sevan as Armenia's strategic water resources ecosystem, as well as the effective management of water resources, including the Ararat artesian basin, river ecosystems, and the preservation of vital catchment areas and superhumid areas.

- We will take active steps to steadily manage and expand the flora and fauna, forests and specially protected areas, as well as to reduce land degradation volumes and combat desertification. Our priorities include the reasonable use of natural resources, the implementation of reclamation works in areas violated by soil management, and the safety of tailing dumps. We will improve the radioactive, chemical and biologically hazardous waste management system, we will create a safe chemical substance management system.

- Armenia intends to develop and implement a policy aimed at introducing a green economy.

 - One of our priorities in the field is to raise public awareness and deepen environmental awareness, as well as to ensure the introduction of an environmental educational system.

"We are looking for international cooperation in the field of environmental protection and the use of natural resources, especially in mitigating the adverse effects of global climate change and ensuring increase in adaptability and resilience processes."

July 10, 2020 at 18:25