October 4: World Day of Animal Protection

October 4: World Day of Animal Protection


The World Day of Animal Protected is celebrated on 4 October worldwide.

The animal defenders in Armenia continuously raise the issue of animals kept in captivity, and even red-listed animal species are kept in public places, as well as in individual areas. There are no statistics on the number and whereabouts of the animals kept in captivity.

There is also an alarm signal beaten on the import of animals into Armenia. Recently a protest went viral on the Internet: one of the hotels in Dilijan proposed services of swimming with dolphins. Though RA Nature Protection Ministry responded that the import of dolphins is legal, the complaints continue. The animal defenders reminded the failed experience of Yerevan dolphinarium when it was closed after two years of operation. Among the reasons were, according to the spread news, irrelevant conditions, poor water quality and serious illnesses caused by high overload.

October 04, 2017 at 15:43