"Nig Mining" LLC To Search for Gold Near Areviq National Park for 2018-2020


"Nig Mining" LLC will search for gold in the area next to Areviq National Park from 2018 to 2020: RA Nature Protection Ministry gave a positive opinion to the project on conduct geological prospecting in Khdebantsi gold minefield.

Khdebantsi gold  gold minefield includes the areas owned by Shvanidzor and Tsav Villages in Syunik Region. The works will be carried out on 529.2 ha, where 40 wells up to 50-100 meters deep will be drilled.

The area claimed for the geological prospecting of Khdebantsi gold minefield is adjacent to Areviq National Park area. Thus, the pressure of mining on Areviq National Park is increasing: currently, Litchq copper mine is being developed by 'Tatstone' LLC next to the national park.

Aygedzor copper and molybdenum mine is also adjacent to the national park, the positive opinion of its development was issued still in 2013.

Besides, soil management permit has been issued to 'Gharagulyanner' LLC for the development of Vardanidzor gold and polymetallic mine, which is located at a distance of about 1 km from Areviq National Park.

In 2017 'Litchqvaz' CJSC, a part of 'Polymetal International' Group, was issued a positive opinion of the development of Litchqvaz-Tey gold mine, which is located in Mehgri area, where Arevik National Park is also situated.

In 2015 'AT-Metals' LLC received a positive environmental opinion for the project on the development of Meghrasar gold mine, but the operation of this mine has been suspended. Under WWF Armenia, around 60% of the mine area is located in the area of Areviq National Park.

March 07, 2018 at 16:22