Greenpeace Published List of GMO

Greenpeace Published List of GMO


Greenpeace has published the list of danger food containing GMOs:

1. Snickers – chocolate bars
2. Campbell – soups
3. Uncle Bens – rice, ketchup
4. Lipton – tea
5. Mars – chocolate dessert
6. Twix – chocolate dessert
7. Cadbury – chocolate
8. Ferrero – desserts
9. Nestle chocolate
10. Nestle – Nesquik
11. Соса-Соla, Sprite, Fanta, Kinley – soft drinks
12. Pepsi – soft drink
13. 7-Up – soft drink
14. Heinz – ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces
15. Nestle – kid’s food
16. McDonald’s
17. Kraft Foods
18. Unilever – kid’s food

In 2006 Armenia adopted RA Law ‘On Food Safety’, which lays down the requirements posed to the safety of the food consumed in Armenia, safety of materials contacting food, safety of food and biologically active additives, labeling and packaging. In particular, Article 3 (8) of the law says that the Armenian labeling of the food consumed in Armenia, materials contacting food, food and biologically active additives shall include “Genetically modified food” note, if the concentration of the GMOs in the food exceeds 0.9%, i.e. food labeling must say, if it’s genetically modified.

April 07, 2015 at 18:11