Yerevan Municipality and Climate Green Fund Discussed Joint Projects

Yerevan Municipality and Climate Green Fund Discussed Joint Projects

The cooperation of Yerevan Municipality with the UN Development Program involves various directions of the city economy. The issues related to current programs and further plans were discussed during the meeting of Yerevan Deputy Mayor Gevorg Simonyan with the representatives of the Green Climate Fund.

Today, the two organizations are taking steps towards installation of the system of energetic management and implementation of energy efficiency programs.

Touching upon joint programs Gevorg Simonyan stressed that Yerevan Municipality is ready to carry on and expand the cooperation programs which are not only ensure convenient environment in the capital city but also make it possible to have significant savings.

Expressing gratitude for successful cooperation the UNDP resident representative Konstantin Sokulski in his turn attached importance to the reliable partnership formed between the two organizations and stressed that the UNDP has a wide range of packages to be discussed with the community.

The parties also exchanged thoughts regarding further programs and outlined the sequence of activities.

October 20, 2023 at 14:25