Key priorities outlined for the UNFCCC COP 28

Key priorities outlined for the UNFCCC COP 28

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell at the opening of the 7th Ministerial on Climate Action named the key priorities of the upcoming COP 28.

In his opening remarks Stiell emphasized that the global stocktake offers an opportunity to enhance action and the support necessary to achieve the global climate goals and will be at the centre of attention at the COP28 to be held in November in Dubai. Beyond the stocktake, a range of implementation issues will as well be addressed.

In addition, Stiell stressed the importance of forming an agreement to set up new funding arrangements and a fund for loss and damage, as well as actions aimed at completing the operational arrangements for the Santiago Network, noting that Together, these would make the international climate change regime fully “fit for purpose” for addressing loss and damage.

Importance of completing works on the global goal on adaptation, including establishing a solid methodological framework, to bolster adaptation at all levels was as well emphasized.The mitigation work programme must also be strengthened and made more efficient in light of the urgent need to address the emissions gap.

Issues concerning fossil fuel subsidies, the phase-down of coal and addressing other fossil fuels will as well be at the center of attention. Parties have called for clear targets to be set at the Conference in Dubai.

The work programme on just transition established at COP27 was referenced and a need to build the substance of the programme mentioned. In this regard, negotiations were already initiated in Bonn in May, and a good outcome on the just transition in Dubai would be a key achievement.

Credible progress towards the long-standing goal of mobilizing 100 billion US$ climate finance annually is also among the key priorities as is the ambitious replenishment of the Green Climate Fund, and progress in doubling adaptation finance.

Discussions on a new goal for climate finance and making financial flows consistent with the Paris goals will also be at the centre of attention. In this context much importance is placed on how the international financial system responds to calls for reform.

In Dubai, preparations will also commence for the reporting and review process next year under the enhanced transparency framework. Demonstrating support for implementation by developing countries will be crucial.

COP 28 will also consider the empowerment and gender work programmes, which will be key to advance inclusive climate action.

Find the full opening speech here.

July 25, 2023 at 17:17