Global and National Grounds for Reviewing NDC under Paris Agreement

Global and National Grounds for Reviewing NDC under Paris Agreement

The public discussions on the draft governmental resolution “On Approval of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of the Republic of Armenia for 2021-2030 developed under the Paris Agreement” was held on 10 February 2021 in Yerevan.

During the discussion Artak Baghdasaryan, “EU4Climate” EU-UNDP regional project Task Lead, presented the draft resolution. The Armenian Government adopted the INDC and submitted in September 2015. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change was adopted in December 2015, which was ratified by the National Assembly of Armenia in February 2017. In November 2016, after the Paris Agreement entered into force, the INDC submitted by the countries were considered as the first NDCs of the countries.

As a result of the global inventory carried out after the entry into force of the Agreement, the countries identified the need to increase their joint ambitions under the Paris Agreement and to fill the gap of those ambitions in the period prior to 2020. At the UN Climate Action Summit in September 2019, many heads of states and governments announced their intention to review or improve their NDCs for 2015 by 2020.

The need for review was due to the need to increase “information necessary for clarity, transparency, and understanding” (ICTU) as compared to the INDC for 2015, political declarations to increase ambitions, and a willingness to follow the Katowice Rulebook on NDC adopted in Katowice.

The speaker emphasized that, nevertheless, the commencing year of the first cycle of NDC introduction is 2021.

The significance of the review of NDC for 2015 for Armenia is as follows:

To comply with the Katowice rulebook and the timeframe of 2021-2030;

To set middle-term feasible goals to be achieved for 2021-2030;

To update the information included in the NDC for 2015 and the database, in particular, in terms of the 4th country report, the 2nd biennial progress report, the latest national greenhouse gas inventory results and the introduction of new sectorial strategies.

Summing up the performance, A. Baghdasaryan emphasized the amendments to the revised Armenia’s NDC 2020:

• To reduce 35-year-long period of the INDC to 10 years considering the timeframe of 2021-2030 instead of 2015-2050.

• To consider the target use for 2030 of the absolute reduction of emissions since 1990.

• To refrain from using the carbon budget and per capita carbon budget indicator for this period.

• To use measurable indicators to ensure transparency, such as GDP energy intensity or greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP.

• To provide links to sectorial strategies and programs.

• To develop a plan for the implementation of the NDC 2020, which will specify bodies in charge, financial resources and institutional capacities.

February 24, 2021 at 18:28