Climate Changing Traditional Life of Qaraglukh Village

Climate Changing Traditional Life of Qaraglukh Village

Qaraglukh village, Vayots Dzor Region has around 900 inhabitants who are traditionally engaged in animal husbandry and gardening. Over the years, the climate has changed here, changing the traditional way of life of the villagers and creating difficulties.

Climate and Water

"Climate change is mainly felt by the scarcity of water, both for irrigation and drinking. As a result of this, we have a decrease in yield and number of livestock. This affects people's incomes," Vagharshak Petrosyan, Administrative Head of Qaraglukh, presented the problem.

The administrative area of ​​the village makes up 2744 hectares, out of which 500 hectares, according to local residents, are not irrigated. "Before, abundant water came from the mountain. 

Now those waters have been cut off. There has been no water for 3-4 years, not even a drop," said Petik Minasyan, a village resident, said.

The dam of Qaragalkh reservoir is in an emergency condition. "It would be very good if the reservoir was reconstructed with some program," Administrative Head Vagharshak Petrosyan said.

"Qaraglukh" SHPP and Tourism

"Qaraglukh" is operated SHPP on Qaraglukh River in the administrative area of ​​the village. As a result of the operation of the HPP, the three-storied waterfall of Qaraglukh dries up almost completely, the local vegetation dries up. This creates a problem for the development of tourism. From the social point of view, the villagers do not benefit from the operation of the HPP. "Only 4-5 people are employed  there. It is possible to propose that they provide electricity to the village, take over the electricity rent of indigent families," Vagharshak Petrosyan suggested.

Forest and Energy

Karaglukh is located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. People have to heat their houses for about 6 months. There is no gas, the available means of heating is kizyak. They also burn wood and coal, but the price is high and not available to everyone.

Vagharshak Petrosyan, Administrative Head of Qaraglukh, noted that they have neither plans for climate change nor energy efficiency. But they have a desire to develop solar energy.

"Every person does thermal insulation for himself by changing doors and windows and installing water heaters. 70 percent of residents have water heaters.

I would like a large solar plant to be built, jobs would be created, maybe the electricity tariff would be low, and discounts would be made for some social strata," Vagharshak Petrosyan said.

"Solar water heaters do not help in winter. We need solar plants," local resident Petik Minasyan said.

Conflict with Red-listed Bear

As in the entire Yeghegis community, there is a problem with the brown bear in Qaraglukh, which is red-listed in Armenia. The bear enters the villages and causes great damage to the farms. It is also a threat to people's safety.


August 25, 2023 at 15:43