Problem of Nubarashen Landfill Site Discussed at Aarhus Center of Yerevan

Problem of Nubarashen Landfill Site Discussed at Aarhus Center of Yerevan

A few days ago, a discussion was held at Aarhus Center of Yerevan about the project "Biogas recovery and electricity production in Yerevan solid domestic waste (Nubarashen) landfill site" and the possibility of implementing similar projects in the future.

 The discussion was organized by "Khazer" Ecological and Cultural NGO in cooperation with RA Environment Ministry. The heads of departments of the ministry, employees, representatives of public organizations and international organizations took part in this discussion.

Aram Gabrielyan, Expert at "Khazer" organization, presented "Biogas extraction and electricity production in Yerevan's solid domestic waste (Nubarashen) landfill site" project, noting that it aimed to strengthen the provisions defined by the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

According to Aram Gabrelyan, over 896,000 tons of biogas potential was calculated in the 6.5 ha area of the landfill allocated to the Japanese side for biogas extraction, but the amount of biogas extracted was less at the end of the project. "As of 2016, the emission of greenhouse gases equivalent to 208,000 tons of CO2 was certified," he noted.

The participants of the discussion mentioned that along with the new landfill site, it is necessary to take measures to close the old landfill site, which can be implemented within the framework of various processes, especially since the Republic of Armenia has also joined the global initiative to reduce methane emissions.

UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan noted that a new initiative can be launched within the framework of Clauses 6.4 or 6.2 of the Paris Agreement of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. She also raised the issue of recent fires in the Nubarashen landfill site, as a result of which the air in the capital is polluted with toxic substances.

Artem Kharazyan, Expert at "Covenant of Mayors East" project, noted that the issue of the landfill site can be included in "Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Protection Action Plan" (SECAP) developed by the Yerevan Municipality within the framework of the UNDP "Climate Promise" program, while it is being developed. He also said that the landfill problem will also be considered in the "Green City" project in Yerevan.

April 30, 2024 at 18:18