Compensation of US $12 for Damage Caused with North-South Road Construction

Compensation of US $12 for Damage Caused with North-South Road Construction


“The fellow villagers an told me that my land area was being destroyed. I could see how the excavators drove in and destroyed my barley crops,” said Varazdat Hovhannisyan, a Kosh villager, Aragatsotn Region.

The construction of North-South road was launched in 2009. For this very purpose the land areas of the communities located across the highway are alienated.

“I called upon the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and invited a specialist, Ara Manukyan, who came, watched, measured and said that the damage caused is mandatory for compensation. He left and afterwards I received a letter, which said 5000 AMD was transferred as compensation,” said Varazdat Hovhannisyan. Under him, his territory was trespassed without any warnings or any kinds of documents.

Varazdat Hovhannisyan is not the only villager in Kosh Village, who suffered losses because of the North-South road construction. “In front one villager parked his car in the orchard and didn’t allow 70-80 trees to be cut down, but the land areas of other villagers were seized without any compensation,” the villager said.

Under Kosh Village Head Ashot Yengibaryan, the community benefited from the North-South road, “Each villager received money for 48 sq. meters of homestead land and 3000 sq. meters of land area, which is equivalent to a three-room apartment with area of 78 sq. meters on Orbeli street in the town. Now tell me, what’s the damage from the North-South road?” said the village head.

No matter how much the village head insisted that the compensations are equivalent to damage, Varazdat Hovhannisyan insisted just the opposite, “Two kilos of the seeds cost 6000 AMD, and I ploughed this land area, sew it and my compensation was only 5000 AMD.”

Another Kosh villager said 500 sq. meters out of 9000 sq. meters with 40 apple trees were alienated. “They compensate for five years of average harvest. As they think and wrote it down, the productivity of one tree is 40 kg. They can pay 250,000 AMD for one tree, while they pay pennies for land,” the villager said.

The village head didn’t know the exact amount of land areas were factually alienated, “The North-South road alienates the land areas for its road, while the Ministry of Communications and Transportation alienates for developing infrastructures. The final figures are still not known. We will have the final figures by March next year,” he said.

December 11, 2013 at 16:02

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