Karine Danelyan: Sustainable Development or "Golden Billion"

Karine Danelyan: Sustainable Development or "Golden Billion"


“Currently in global processes two important scenarios compete with two each other – “Sustainable development for all” and “Golden Billion” ideologies, i.e. resources are not sufficient for the population of 7 billion and “Golden Billion” should remain on the planet and a number of people needed for their service. Armenia had announced “Sustainable development for all”, but it seems they succeed to implement the ideology of “Golden Billion” in one individual country: tycoons will stay here plus a number of people needed to serve them,” said Karine Danielyan, Chairman of “For Sustainable Human Development” at the discussion entitled “Stormy Decade (2016-2026) and Armenia” organized by “New Armenia” public rescue front.

Karine Danielyan is concerned that due to the currently run policy Armenia faces environmental disaster.

“… We followed the reforms of international financial institutions with great pleasure. Now the UN General Assembly decided that these reforms went wrong and the countries have destroyed because of these reforms….Where are they taking us, who is leading us, who are we following? We should treat these questions very seriously,” Karine Danielyan concluded.

February 22, 2016 at 17:11

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