Environmental Proposals of 'Yelq' Bloc

Environmental Proposals of 'Yelq' Bloc


The 'Yelq' Bloc is taking part in the parliamentary elections of 2017 as an opposition power. This alliance unites “Civil Contract”, “Bright Armenia” and “Republic” parties.
The election campaign of the alliance lays down the following as a solution to the environmental problems:

“a) To implement comprehensive garbage cleaning of the environment with “Food for Work” formula and involvement of volunteers and grant funds by cleaning riverbeds, forest and near-forest areas and making administrative fines tougher for environmental pollution.

b) Due to legislative reforms all the environmental fees will be completely transferred to communities, while funds paid as damages caused to environment will be distributed among communities, competent bodies and state employees having detected the violation.

c) Issuing licenses for the construction of new SHPPs will be stopped.

d) Decisions on mining and prospecting, which have negative public and expert opinion, will be reviewed.

e) Requirements for operation and reclaiming of tailing dumps will be made stricter by legislation and in practice.

f) The situation in Sevan National Park will be made compliant with the requirements of RA Law on Lake Sevan and Lake Sevan will turn into a civilized rest zone.”

March 15, 2017 at 11:08

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