“Daranak” SHPP Owner Willing To Solve Problem To Detriment of Himself?

“Daranak” SHPP Owner Willing To Solve Problem To Detriment of Himself?


The residents in Daranak residential area, Geghamasar Community in Gegharkounik Region, don’t have irrigation water, “The summer is dry and we irrigation with rainfalls. We want our trees to be green and we want our children to benefit from anything,” Daranak residents are complaining. According to them, this problem emerged when “Daranak” SHPP started operating in the community area and the Daranak riverbed got dry. The SHPP is constructed on the Masrik Tributary to the Daranak River, which flows into Lake Sevan and its left-wing tributary – Tanalikh River. "Daranak" SHPP is operated by "Vardenis Regional Union" OJSC of "Agrospasarkum". The construction of “Daranak” SHPP has been co-funded within the frames of the second stage of “Renewable Energy” project of German and Armenian Fund with the funds of German KfW Bank. Later the SHPP was sold and it was bought by “HEKshin” OJSC.
On 18 April, the new owner of "Daranak" SHPP Laert Gevorgyan had a meeting with Geghamasar Community Head Hakob Avetyan and the residents of Daranak community and reached an arrangement not to operate the SHPP in the irrigation season in the summer in case of lack of water. “In the summer season when there is a lack of water, the SHPP will be closed and three neighbourhoods in the community will be supplied with water through SHPP pipelines. The pipes will be used for water supply as there is no water to reach the villagers through the dry riverbed. If the SHPP doesn’t operate for three months, only then the water reaches the village. If the SHPP pipes get completely dry in the summer, there won’t be any irrigation water at all. The pipes should be full so as the water reaches the village at the expense of the pressure in the pipes,” Daranak Administrative Head Hovhannes Karapetyan told EcoLur.
SHPP owner Laert Gevorgyan said, “I have expressed my willingness to solve the problem with the irrigation water. If water is not sufficient, I am ready not to operate the SHPP. I am ready to suffer damage in the irrigation season for people to have water, plants and for economy not to incur losses.”
In reply to Ecolur’s question whether there won’t be any fines because of non-operation of the SHPP, Gevorgyan answered that the environmental indicators issued for water use permit are average and there won’t be any fine. What about operating with losses, he mentioned that the SHPP has been obtained with a loan and last year they also operated with losses.
“Our company has another production so we cover losses with it. We need to repay the loan for 6 more years. We have a season when there is 40-60 liters of water flowing per second, while the environmental flow demands to leave 80 liters. Maybe we have made a professional mistake when we bought it but there is no way back. We need to operate it. We aimed to receive the money back in 10 years but now we need 20 years at this rate,” he mentioned.
Gevorgyan also spoke about not having a water meter installed on the SHPP. “We have a problem with the water meter – there is no connection above. We can’t install a water meter near the environmental flow, we have to install it in the HPP area,” he mentioned.

19:43 April 30, 2019


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