Mets Masrik Community Expectations from Construction of "Masrik-1" Solar Photovoltaic Station

Mets Masrik Community Expectations from Construction of "Masrik-1" Solar Photovoltaic Station

Mets Masrik Community, Gegharkunik Region, became a borderline town located at a distance of 8 km away from the border by air due to the Artsakh-Azerbaijani war. The project to build Masrik 1, the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Armenia, is more than important from a socio-economic point of view in this community. "Our community is very dangerous from a geographical point of view. As a result of the war, most of the population of Mets Masrik lost their main income, which was formed as a result of dealing with agriculture," Armen Asatryan, Mets Masrik Community Head, said in his interview with EcoLur. He noted that during the war in Mets Masrik, a house collapsed due to an UAV strike, killing two residents.

"We have a contract with the company that 180 people from our community will be involved in labor work. After commissioning, 25-30 people from the community will be employed. It will provide new jobs and development,” Community Head said. According to him, the community has a contract with “FRV Masrik”, the company that builds the station, thereby the company has pledged to donate 5% of its annual revenue to Mets Masrik to help needy families, reimburse students' tuition fees, provide night lighting, to aid community development and solve other socio-economic issues.
"During the epidemic, 65 needy families were assisted with food, an excavator was donated for water supply works," Armen Asatryan said about the company's support. He mentioned that Mets Masrik community was selected for the construction of "Masrik 1" solar station because it has the most number of sunny days in the year - 309 out of 365 days are sunny.

Reminder: "Masrik-1" solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant project has entered into an active phase by the resolution of RA Government № 1016-A dated on June 18, 2020. The EBRD and IFC have amended the Government Support Agreement for the Project Credit Funding. These amendments are mainly related to the definition of a number of concepts. The responsibility of the Developer for possible environmental violations has been specified.

It should be noted that the winner of the competition for the construction of "Masrik-1" was recognized the consortium of companies  - Fotowatio Renewable Ventures B.V. (Netherlands) and FSL Solar S.L. (Kingdom of Spain) with which the Government of the Republic of Armenia signed a Government Support Agreement in 2018 on the organization and implementation of the Project.

"Masrik-1" solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant indicators

- A solar photovoltaic station with 55.0 MW alternating current power and 62.013 MW peak power.  

- The area of ​​the station will be 128.3 hectares, the length of the fence of the station will be 5870 m.

- A 9.2-kilometer-long 110 kW high-voltage overhead line will be built, from Masrik 1 substation to “Kaputak” and “Akunk” air transmission line anchor piles. The connections are intended for N452 anchor pile of "Kaputak" and N86 anchor pile of "Akunk". According to the resolution of RA Government dated on March 29, 2019, 32,6591 hectares of land were alienated from Mets Masrik settlement for the purpose of construction of the station.

Public hearings were held in Mets Masrik on the construction of "Masrik-1" solar station. However, the risks of the program have not been sufficiently discussed. In particular, the issue concerns the waste generated by the operation of the plant, the pastures taken from the community for the plant.

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