Formation of Working Group in Verin Getashen Towards Developing Social and Ecological Policy in Community

Formation of Working Group in Verin Getashen Towards Developing Social and Ecological Policy in Community

In Verin Getashen Community in Gegharkunik Region, active meetings are held with the locals in order to develop a social and ecological policy for the community. The meetings are organized by Martuni Women's Community Council NGO within the framework of "Social and Ecological Responsibility" project.
Due to the operation of the hydropower plant in Verin Getashen, the locals regularly face the problem of irrigation water, the ecosystem of the Argitchi River is endangered.

During the meeting, the villagers spoke about the negative problems caused by the operation of Argitchi SHPP on the Argitchi River.

The residents, local government representatives and environmentalists who participated in the meetings were introduced to the goals of "Social and Ecological Responsibility" project by Martuni Women's Community Council NGO and the formats of the residents' involvement in the project.

The participants were presented that the communities affected by negative environmental impact, including Verin Getashen, have limited opportunities for socio-economic development, as the ecological situation affects socially prosperous living conditions and economic activity. They talked about assessing the resources available in their community and the prospects of using those resources to solve the socio-environmental problems of the community in the future.

The residents also used the resources available within the community, emphasizing the need to mitigate the negative environmental impact on the community. Suggestions were made by the attendants to solve the environmental problems of the community. In order to develop the community, it was suggested to study and localize the experience of other communities in the region that are negatively affected by the environment.

As a result of the meetings, a working group for the development of social and ecological policy was formed with the participation of active residents of the community and the representatives of local self-government.

August 23, 2021 at 17:50