Premiere of New Documentary by EcoLur – “Features of National Expertise”

Premiere of New Documentary by EcoLur – “Features of National Expertise”


The premiere of the new documentary by EcoLur - “Features of National Expertise” will be held at EcoLur Press Club (Hanrapetutyan St., 49) at 12:00 on 3 July. EcoLur Press Club will host Levon Galstyan, the representative of the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front, Arthur Grigoryan – representative of “Teghout Support” civic initiative and the Chairman of the Greens Union of Armenia Hakob Sanasaryan to comment on the problems adherent to the environmental expertise in Armenia.

“Features of National Expertise” film shows how the projects bearing huge risks for people and nature get positive opinion from Nature Protection Ministry, how the environmental legislation is violated and nobody bears responsibility for these violations. Because of officials’ indifference, the residents of small villages get partitioned and fight against each other. And how, as a matter of fact, Lake Sevan rescue program looks like, if the projects destroying the lake are given “green light”.

July 02, 2013 at 14:23

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