Tree Felling in Dilijan National Park

Tree Felling in Dilijan National Park


On 6 January 2019, 'Eco House and Camp' initiative disseminated a video from Dilijan National Park in Tavush Region, Armenia. The video shows felled down trees: the press release of the initiative says: 'This video has been shot in Pishik section, Dilijan National Park. Only expensive, large trees have been felled down suitable for making furniture. Villagers needing daily bread won't cut down such trees for heating. These trees haven't been felled down in one day or several days. This is a long-lasting action and we are wondering how the administration was not able to see and prevent this disaster at the very beginning. Here a large organized gang has been working with the use of much equipment. We want to reiterate that all this hasn't been performed within several hours or even one day. Let the police find out the rest- this is a report on crime.'

In reply to this press release, on 7 July RA Nature Protection Ministry clarified, ' The statements of 'Eco House and Camp' initiative and their hints in the administration are unacceptable and nonsense and don't conform with the reality. The tree felling occurred on 9 December 2018, Sunday. Up to 15 trees had been damaged, which had a demonstrative nature: illegally cut down trees hadn't been transferred but they were left on the spot demonstratively.

The illegal tree felling and the people on the spot were detected and recorded by Dilijan National Park employees on the same day. As a result of the inspections carried out in 2017, around 10,000 cases of illegal tree felling was detected, as a result of which the state incurred a damage of 1 billion 600 million AMD. In the second semester of 2018 the situation has drastically changed: instead of previous thousands of trees felled down, around 30 cases of demonstrative and illegal tree felling has been recorded, which have all been recorded and detected by the national park.'

January 08, 2019 at 16:56