Only Four Pine Trees in 4 Ha Area of “Banksia Pine” Reserve

Only Four Pine Trees in 4 Ha Area of “Banksia Pine” Reserve

Only 4 pines have been preserved in “Banksia Pine” Reserve with an area of 4 hectares located in RA Kotayk Region. Movses Manukyan, a member of "Healthy Hrazdan" civil initiative, beat an alarm signal to EcoLur about this.

"We went up to Tezharuyk Monastery, Pine reserve is adjacent to that church. We searched for it. On the area of 4 hectares, we found only 4 Banksia pine trees that had not yet dried or been cut down. The other 4 ones were semi-dry. We found dozens of stubs that were cut 5-10 years ago. There were rotten trees. Meanwhile, they should always have been taken care of, reproduced, cleaned, and not let other trees hinder the growth of pines.

According to him, the reason for the mass cutting of this tree may be that Banksia pine is a very tall tree that serves as a good timber. Banksia Pine Reserve was founded in 1959, occupies an area of 4 hectares, is located in Kotayk RegionArmenia.

Photo by Arsen Arsenyan, Member of " Healthy Hrazdan" Civic Initiative Member

November 20, 2020 at 16:42