Compensation Procedure for Tree Felling in Urban Settlements

Compensation Procedure for Tree Felling in Urban Settlements

A new procedure for compensation for tree felling is proposed in urban areas of Armenia, which is laid down in draft law "On Making Amendments to RA Land Code" developed by RA Ministry of Environment, which was put into circulation on the website

The document stipulates a requirement that the cutting of trees on the lands of settlements within the boundaries of urban settlements, regardless of the state, community or private property, can be carried out only with the permission of the community head.

Permission is required in cases of sanitary or care felling, except for fruit trees, compliance of the land plot with the requirements set by normative legal acts, tree felling on lands acquired for construction, tree planting.

Permission is not required to carry out emergency or emergency response activities or to carry out planned activities with a positive environmental assessment opinion in accordance with the law.

There is a requirement that in case of tree felling, the landowners will be obliged to plant the same land with the same size, with the same number of trees, and if this is not possible, at the suggestion of the community head they will plant another land with the same type of double trees. In case of non-fulfillment of this requirement by the owner, in accordance with the procedure established by the government, the owner must contribute money to the budget of the given community for the implementation of tree planting by the community.

It is noted that the draft law was developed to mitigate the negative effects of deforestation, the new requirements will ensure the protection of wooded areas in urban areas, increase their number. This will contribute to the improvement of the environment in the settlements, to the improvement of the health of the population, creating comfortable conditions for them to walk and rest.

RA Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan posted on his Facebook page about the proposed changes. "The legislative gap, which has been the cause of many problems for many years, will be finally resolved. As a result of the expression of political will, we are resolutely going to resolve the issue in the sphere with the intention of establishing legitimacy."

September 28, 2021 at 12:34