"GeoMining" LLC Intends To Search for Metals in Area of Vardenis Polymetallic Mine Field

"GeoMining" LLC has submitted the amended project of geological prospecting of Vardenis polymetallic mine field in Vayots Dzor Region for 2017-2019. The main shareholder of this company is Canadian 'Dundee Precious Metals' Company. The company intends to carry out geological prospecting works in the area of 798.29 ha in Vardahovit Community, Vayots Dzor Region and 83.76 ha of Tsovinar Community in Gegharkounik Region.

The concentration of the metals in the ore has been calculated as follows: molybdenum - 0.01-0.03 %, copper – up to 0.2%, lead up to 4.32% and zinc 0.17-2.27%. The Sokhut River, a tributary to Yeghegis, with its numerous tributaries is flowing through 18 sections of the mine field.

The project says, 'Red-listed plant species shall be removed carefully from the area of drilled wells... all the requirement of RA governmental decision N 781-N dated on 31 July 2014 shall be complied with...'

Over 220 vertebrate animal species can be found in the mine field area.
The submitted project has undergone all the stages of the public hearings, while the expertise process hasn't been accomplished.

18:28 October 02, 2017


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