Proposals of Mining-Impacted Community Residents Dispatched to EITI MSG Members

Proposals of Mining-Impacted Community Residents Dispatched to EITI MSG Members


EcoLur has sent to the members of the Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) of the EITI the proposals submitted by the residents of the mining-impacted communities and the minutes of the discussions entitled “Mining-Impacted Communities - Full Participants in the EITI Process” held in Yerevan on 29 October. 

On October 29, 2019, a working discussion was held in Yerevan within the framework of “Mining-Impacted Communities - Full Participants in the EITI Process” project, during which the representatives of the mining-impacted communities raised issues and made proposals. The representatives of the government and civil society participating in the meeting presented their views on some of the proposals. We present to you the proposals and minutes of the meeting to include urgent issues and suggestions on the EITI MSG work agenda to proceed with them, further develop dialogue with communities, and address issues raised.


1. To conduct supervision activities of the State Authorized Body with the participation of the population (not only the LSGs) so that the residents submit their questions to the mine administration and that the Combine-LSG meetings do not pass by the residents.

2. To publicize the annual volumes of ore extraction by the mining enterprise within the EITI.

3. To disclose qualitative indices of ores extracted and processed by metal mining companies within the EITI, including data on the concentration of precious metals in the concentrate.

4. To amend environmental payment calculation mechanisms to increase environmental payments for emissions that will make the manufacturer pollute less, as well as in developing new environmental payment mechanisms consider the aggregate and summary impacts of several enterprises on the community/environment within the permissible ranges.

5. Conduct periodic air, water and soil studies by the state and inform the population about the results through leaflets.

6. Conduct a study of the impact of mining on the health of the population so that the producer can assist in the solution of health problems, provide healthcare facilities.

7. Provide health insurance to impacted communities.

8. Provide 10% of the annual profit of mining enterprises to the impacted communities.

9. In case of existence of high risks and formation of environment that is not conducive to sustainable development of the community, develop and implement a program for the relocation of the village by the mining company.

10. Submit an annual report by the company on community support, environmental projects already implemented and planned.

11. Evaluate damages suffered by the community and individual residents from mining activities and provide compensation.

12. Neutralize the environmental damage caused by the mining business in parallel to the mining activity,” EcoLur letter specifically states.

The meeting minutes can be found here:

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Part Two: Minutes of Working Discussions on "Mining-Impacted Communities - Full Participants of EITI Process" Working Discussions

This material has been prepared within “Mining-Impacted Communities – Full Participants in EITI Process'” project implemented by EcoLur with the USAID support within the frames of “Engaged Citizenry for Responsible Governance” project implemented by Transparency International Anticorruption Center.


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