Which Data on Real Owners of Metallic Mines To Be Publicly Available?

Which Data on Real Owners of Metallic Mines To Be Publicly Available?


Up to February 20, the companies entitled to prospect or develop metal mines in Armenia have submitted a statement on the real owners of the company to  State Register of Legal Entities of RA Justice Ministry. The information submitted in the declaration will be published on State Register's website, except for the information on the identity document of individuals, including public service number, as well as information on their registration and residence addresses.

After publication, the information about real owners will be available to the public free of charge. It should be noted that as of February 12, 23 companies entitled to extract metal are obliged to disclose their real owners instead of the previous 25.

These companies are as follows:

"Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine" CJSC, "CHAARAT KAPAN" CJSC, "LYDIAN ARMENIA" CJSC, "Teghut" CJSC, "Agarak CMC" CJSC, "GeoProMining Gold" LLC, "Akhtala Ore Processing Plant" CJSC, "Tatstone" LLC, "LICHTQVAZ" CJSC, "Meghradzor Gold" LLC, "Paramount Gold Mining" CJSC, "Sagamar" CJSC, "Ler X" LLC, "Fortune Resources" LLC, "Molybdenum World" LLC, "Mego Gold" LLC, "Multi Group" Concern LLC, "Vardani Zartonq" LLC, "Assat" LLC , "Marjan Mining Company" LLC, "Active Mining" LLC, "AT-METALS" LLC, "BAKTEK ECO" LLC, "GEGHI GOLD" LLC, "CHARAGULYANNER" CJSC.

According to new data, “Mego Gold” LLC and “Marjan Mining Company” LLC are left out of the list.

And 13 companies that have the right to geological prospecting for the purpose of extracting metal minerals have the responsibility of discovering the real owner. These are: "EQUEST ALLIANCE FOUNDATION" LLC, "IRON MINING" LLC, "PREMIUM MINING" LLC, "ENERGO INVEST HOLDING" CJSC, "GOLDEN LAND" LLC,  "METALS MINING GROUP" LLC, "HARUST METAGH" LLC, "COPPER PLUS" LLC, "POLYMETAL ARMENIA" LLC, "NIG MINING" LLC, "INTER MINING" LLC, "CHUDO METAL" LLC, "GEOREID" CJSC.

The grounds of disclosing real owners can be found here.

March 30, 2020 at 19:58