Alarm on Nahatak Tailing Dump Addressed to Environmental and Mining Inspection Body

Alarm on Nahatak Tailing Dump Addressed to Environmental and Mining Inspection Body


“EcoLur” Informational NGO, “Community Mobilization and Support Center” NGO, “Green Armenia” Environmental and Educational NGO, “Forests of Armenia” NGO and Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative have sent an alarm signal to A Vigen Avetisyan, Head of Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body.

The alarm signal says:

Dear Mr. Avetisyan,
In the territory of "Nahatak" tailing dump operated by "Akhtala Ore Processing Combine" CJSC, the tailing dump is being continuously increased instead of reclaiming the tailing dump, which is prescribed by RA Environment Ministry evaluation expert opinion BP-100 dated on 14.11.2017.

According to the opinion, the first stage of the reclamation of Nahatak tailing dump should have started in October 2018 and ended on March 1, 2020. However, the reclamation of Nahatak tailing dump of "Akhtala OPC" CJSC has not started yet, the tails of "Akhtala OPC" are accumulating in the tailing dump. We characterize the company's actions as violating the requirements of Article 20 of RA Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise, and demand that inspections be carried out in the organization and prevent this dangerous and illegal work of the combine in accordance with the law.

All this is of a continuous nature, which has led to a social conflict in the settlement of Mets Ayrum, and the residents of the village are trying to stop the actions of the combine on their own aimed at increasing the dam of Nahatak tailing dump. As a result, the police intervened in the conflict between the village and the combine. Taking into account the current situation, Environmental and Mining Inspection cannot be inactive and must fulfill its responsibilities under the environmental protection laws, thus preventing this dangerous and illegal operation of the combine.”

May 18, 2020 at 16:01