Gladzor Residents Didn't Aloow "METAL GOLD" LLC To Hold Public Hearings In Their Community

Gladzor Residents Didn't Aloow "METAL GOLD" LLC To Hold Public Hearings In Their Community

On May 11, 2021, the residents of Gladzor Community, Vayots Dzor Region, did not allow "METAL GOLD" LLC to hold public hearings on the geological prospecting project in Gladzor polymetallic mine, as Gladzor Municipality informs.

It should be noted that RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure issued to "Metal Gold" LLC permit ERT-29/309 for geological research for industrial purposes for 3 years on 26.02.2021 and signed contract P-309 on 20.202.2021 with the company. The company planned to discuss in the community "For recalculation of the parameters and reserves of Gladzor polymetallic mine in Vayots Dzor Region approved on 02.06.2009 and re-assessment of reserves for 2020." According to the company's project, the works would be of purely office-computer nature and would have nothing to do with the field. In this case, it is not clear why the company had to hold a public hearing for office work in order to obtain permission from the community, if, like any researcher, it could study documents in its office.

Reminder: in 2019, the residents of Gladzor, Vernashen and Getap villages, which are part of Gladzor community, submitted a petition to Gladzor Community Head and Aldermen’s Council signed by 2152 residents, demanding to ban metal mining in the administrative territory of Gladzor community. On April 29, 2019, Aldermen’s Council of Gladzor enlarged community unanimously adopted resolution N 44 "On approving the proposal mentioned in the petition submitted by the residents of Gladzor community", which is still in force.

The need to accept a petition arose after Vayk Metal LLC submitted Gladzor polymetallic mining plan for environmental expert assessment in 2016, but the Ministry of Nature Protection issued a negative expert opinion BP-105 on 15.12.2016. Among other reasons, the negative conclusion was based on the negative attitude of the local population.

Photo Credit: Gladzor Community Municipality

May 12, 2021 at 13:38