Public Hearings on Geological Prospecting in Qaraberd Gold Mine Launched

Public Hearings on Geological Prospecting in Qaraberd Gold Mine Launched

On September 8, “Kara-Mining” LLC started public hearings on conducting geological prospecting in the South-West sites of Qaraberd gold mine in 2021-2023.

In the vicinity of Qaraberd Community Municipality in Lori Region, the representative of "Kara-Mining" company presents to the participants of the public hearing the reasons for their geoprospecting at the mine and their actions. Among the attendees are Oleg Dulgaryan, President of “Center for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO, as well as the members of the NGO, citizens concerned with environmental issues, and local residents.

The latter expressed their concern that the mine is very close to residential houses. In case of further development, the regional center of Lori, Vanadzor, will not be left without negative consequences either.

According to the project, man-made pressures on atmospheric air, soil cover, flora and fauna, as well as landscape integrity will be exhibited during the geological prospecting of the project site.

It should be noted that Qaraberd Community and adjacent settlements are already suffering from the negative impact caused by the operation of the Central Site of Qaraberd Gold Mine. Due to the explosions in the mine, the dust spreads on the village, the noise disturbs the peace of the people. Back in 2020, when the mine was closed, during the visit of EcoLur team to Qaraberd, the locals stated that they were against the operation of the mine.


September 08, 2021 at 13:06