"Jin Holding Limited" LLC Collecting Signatures Among Supporters

"Jin Holding Limited" LLC Collecting Signatures Among Supporters

"Jin Holding Limited" LLC does not give up after three unsuccessful attempts to hold public hearings in Urut. This company, which intends to carry out geological prospecting in Urut mineral field (polymetallic) in 2021-2024, met with the resistance of the settlement and decided to collect signatures, whereas the residents are going to collect signatures against mining.

The representatives of "Jin Holding Limited" LLC, after not being able to hold a public hearing in Urut on September 24, left for Loriberd municipality to collect their signatures and present their demand to Loriberd Community Head Arayik Nersisyan. On the same day, local residents, environmentalists and representatives of NGOs went to the meeting with the community head, regardless of the company. In fact, a tripartite meeting was held between the municipality, the company and the anti-mining community.

Oleg Dulgaryan, President of “Center for Community Mobilization and Support” NGO, who participated in the meeting, told EcoLur that the company is constantly confronting people with dilemmas. "The process of persuasion takes months. According to our information, the representatives of the company visit the village and have meetings with the residents.

As a result, the people who were against, this time were either neutral or even took part in the hearing, because they were promised a salary of 800,000 to 1 million AMD. As there is pressure on the majority of the villagers, we are going to present to the international community of Armenia and human rights organizations what is happening in Urut," Oleg Dulgaryan said. Under him, Loriberd Community Head, considering the opposition of the majority of residents, is going to submit a negative opinion on the public hearing to the Ministry of Environment.

Oleg Dulgaryan also mentioned that the steps taken by the company to persuade the residents in every possible way and to hold public hearings were met with opposition. "The last time so many Urut residents came out to fight, which has not happened before. People were against it anyway, but now the number of fighters has increased," Dulgaryan said.

September 27, 2021 at 12:04