Odzun Chose Path of Green Development: Community Socio-ecological Policy Approved

Odzun Chose Path of Green Development: Community Socio-ecological Policy Approved

Odzun community in Lori Region, Armenia, already has a socio-ecological policy necessary for the sustainable development of the community.

On August 9, 2022, Aldermen’s Council of Odzun community unanimously adopted resolution N51-A "On approving the social-ecological policy and including the programs laid down in the socio-ecological policy in the five-year development plan of the community."

The aim of "Social and Ecological Responsibility" project is to establish principles and requirements aimed at sustainable community development, nature protection, human health, raising the living standards of the population, ensuring social and ecological security of the community, protection of a person’s socio-ecological rights.

The socio-ecological policy envisages the development of ecotourism, the introduction of sustainable agriculture, the improvement of the water supply system, the development of renewable energy, sanitary-hygienic and industrial waste cleaning measures implemented in the community, the establishment of community landfills and the introduction of their management system. It is planned to find additional sources of funding for the implementation of the following projects: the installation of observation points for atmospheric air quality, soil and water qualitative and quantitative monitoring and their data transmission system to the electronic system of the relevant department of the municipality/residence, implementation of tree planting in the forest lands of the administrative area of ​​the community and their care for five years for, neutralization of industrial waste, construction of a biochemical treatment plant for communal-domestic sewage lines in the community, neutralization of mining landfills in the community, periodic medical examination of the population exposed to chemical pollution.

August 10, 2022 at 12:43