Already Second Breakdown at Deno Gold Mining in 2012 (Photos)

Already Second Breakdown at Deno Gold Mining in 2012 (Photos)


On 15 November another breakdown occurred at the tailing pipe of Kapan Ore Processing Combine, which is owned by Deno Gold Mining.

The breakdown occurred in the first kilometer of Kapan-Tsav road. As Territorial Environmental Inspection Head Lenik Petrosyan told EcoLur, the territory is contaminated in the range of 288 square meters. The amount of the size made up 2,880,000 AMD. “The reason of the breakdown, most probably, is the shaking of the tailing pipe under the pressure. Usually it takes place on the spot of the junction of tailing pipe. Do damage is caused to water resources. The company cleaned the territory from the dumps transferring them to the tailing dump,” said Lenik Petrosyan. He also noted that it’s already the second breakdown at the tailing pipe of Deno Gold Mining during 2012.

November 19, 2012 at 17:03

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