Meghri Residents Started Signature Collection Against Litchq Mine and New Mining Activities

Meghri Residents Started Signature Collection Against Litchq Mine and New Mining Activities


Meghri community residents in Syunik Region have started a signature collection against Litchq mine and new mining activities. The MeghriNews website informs that a petition has been drafted addressed to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan in order to ban geological prospecting works and mining activities in Meghri community area, to stop the operation of the copper mine in Litchq residential area and to set control over the operation of metallic mines in the community area. On 18 May the protest demonstration against Litchq Mine will launch near Culture Palace in Meghri at 7:30.

“Already 8 permits for developing metallic mines have issued for the area of Meghri community, which occupies only an area of 664 sq. km, while 6 mines are in the stage of exploration. We, the residents of Meghri community, are requesting and demanding to ban any prospecting in the administrative area of Meghri community related to metallic mining, especially if they are connected to the development of new mines, as Meghri residents see their present and future in agriculture, horticulture, ecotourism, beekeeping and other related sectors,” the text of the petition says.

What about the copper mine developed by “Tatstone” LLC in Litchq residential area in Meghri community, the text says, “Taking into consideration the uncontrollable environmental dangers of the mining, which hasn’t been presented properly or have been passed round in the developer’s assessment documents, we are requesting and demanding to immediately stop the mining and to appoint an expert assessment.”

The petition says that Litchq mine is located in the sanitary zone of the water-distribution system of drinking water supply for Meghri town and other residential areas, whereas mining can have the quantitative and qualitative effect on the drinking and irrigation water system in the Meghri River. The Meghri River and Zvaraget River supplying irrigation water in the area also flow through the mine area, and its pollution with heavy and hazardous metals is unavoidable. Besides, the mine is located in the area of Areviq National Park and its buffer zone, it is covered with forests and has a rich biodiversity.

12:16 May 17, 2018


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