Mghart Residential Area Gave Its Primary Agreement to Shekaghbyur Gold-Polymetallic Mining Project

Mghart Residential Area Gave Its Primary Agreement to Shekaghbyur Gold-Polymetallic Mining Project


Mghart residential area has given its preliminary agreement for the implementation of the geological prospecting of Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic mining project. As 'Environmental Impact Expert Assessment' SNCO of RA Nature Protection Ministry told EcoLur in the interview, 'Miram' Company has presented a new project for the environmental expertise, where the activities will be performed in Mghart area. Ardvi has been taken out: it's planned to carry out geological prospecting in the 54 ha of the administrative area of Mghart. On 4 October 2017, the first hearings of Shekaghbyur project were held in Mghart, while its minutes were drawn under Mghart Community Head Yervand Navasardyan's signature, where Mghart Community gave its agreement.

The video and minutes of the first hearings held in Mghart were attached to the project submitted by 'Miram' Company, and given them RA Nature Protection Ministry accepted the project for expert assessment. The Ministry informed that Ardvi Community and communities adjacent to Mghart were recognized as affected areas and the opinions of the residents will be taken into consideration during the environmental expert assessment.

'We declare that Ardvi villagers don't give their agreement to the implementation of this project. Ardvi shall remain an ecologically clean village,' the press release disseminated by 'Ardvi-Lori' initiative group representing the interests of Ardvi Village says.

After the local government elections held on 5 November, both Ardvi and Mghart have been included in enlargened Odzun community. It's a big question which residential area will get the support of Odzun Community Head, as when expressing his position on Shekaghbyur project to EcoLur he said, 'My position is my community residents' position. If they are for the project, I will support them, if they are against, I will be against as well.'

16:59 November 17, 2017


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