Russian 'Polymetal' Intends to Search for Metals in 20 Residential Areas in Syunik Region

Russian 'Polymetal' Intends to Search for Metals in 20 Residential Areas in Syunik Region


Russian 'Polymetal' Company having acquired the right of Kapan and Litchqvaz-Tey polymetallic mines in Syunik Region intends to search for gold, copper, silver, lead and zinc in the territory of 20 residential areas of 3 communities in Syunik Region. The company has called all the areas together as Kapan platform, which includes Aghvan, Atchanan, Antarashat, Arajadzor, Geghanusg, Yegheg, Kapan, Dzorastan, Nerqin Khotanan, Norashenik, Shrvenants, Sevaqar, Vaneq, Tandzaver, Tavrus and Okhtar residential areas of Kapan community, Bardzravan and Shotnukh residential areas of Goris community and Qashuni residential area of Tatev community. Search works will be implemented by 'PolyArm' LLC of 'Polymetal' Group.
The second public hearings of the Kapan platform project submitted for environmental expertise were held on 27 December in 2017 in Kapan Town. As RA Nature Protection Ministry expert Azganush Drnoyan informed EcoLur, the representatives of all the communities attended the hearings and no negative opinions were raised. Under the project, the works are planned for 2017-2020, but as the year 2017 is over, the expert assessment center demanded to review the schedule. The stage of public hearings is over, but the expert opinion is still not available. The general area of Kapan platform makes up 295 km2. A total of 150 wells are planned to be drilled and 18.378 sampling will be carried out. It's also planned to construct 8 km of new road.

Under the project, the Kapan platform is not located in the specifically protected areas of nature, but a part of the claimed area is covered with forests. There are no works planned in the forest-covered areas, no tree felling is planned. Drilling works in forest land areas will be carried out in glades. It should be mentioned that the geological works will have a negative impact on flora and fauna.

14:36 January 10, 2018


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