"Tatstone" LLC Stopped Litchq Copper Mining


"Tatstone" LLC has stopped Litchq copper mining activities, as Meghri Community Press Secretary Mariam Tsatryan told EcoLur. The Press Secretary mentioned that 'Tatstone' LLC confirmed the information about stopping the mining activities, nevertheless, its reasons are not known. There is no movement of the machinery in the mine area.

Reminder: Meghri community area residents, Syunik Region, have launched a signature collection against the operation of Litchq mine and new mines. A petition addressed to Armenian PM has been drafted, which says that Litchq mine is located in the sanitary zone of the water-distribution system of drinking water supply for Meghri town and other residential areas, whereas mining can have a quantitative and qualitative effect on the drinking and irrigation water system in the Meghri River. The Meghri River and Zvaraget River supplying irrigation water in the area also flow through the mine area, and its pollution with heavy and hazardous metals is unavoidable.The matter of Litchq mining is still tried at Administrative Court of Armenia. The plaintiff, 'EcoRight' NGO is demanding to annul all the permitting documents of Litchq copper mine.

17:06 May 24, 2018


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