"Vayq Metal" LLC Took Heavy Machinery out of Gladzor Mine Area


"Vayq Metal" LLC has taken the heavy machinery out of Gladzor mine, as Vernashen Community Head Miqayel Baghdasaryan informed EcoLur.

Reminder: on 17 November "Vayq Metal" LLC tried to drive heavy machinery into the area of Gladzor mine. Over 700 residents from affected Vernashen and Gladzor communities headed by their community heads took out to street to protest against driving heavy machinery into the mine area. 'We told them to show us their permits which entitle them to enter this area. They told us they have it for 100%, but, as a matter of fact, they were wrong by 100%. They didn't have any permits. I gave them one day to take the heavy machinery out of the mine area, which is included in the administrative area of Vernashen community. A part of machinery was taken out yesterday, while the rest was taken out in the morning,' Community Head said.
The residents claim that mining will pollute their drinking and irrigation water springs, endanger orchards located adjacent to the mine area, as well as vineyards which provide grapes for 'Vernashen' wine brand.

'Environmental Impact Expert Center' SNCO of Nature Protection Ministry informed us that they haven't issued any opinion for 'Vayq Metal' LLC.

'Gladzor mine EIA report has been submitted for the main stage of environmental impact assessment, but the day of the public hearings hasn't been appointed yet. We haven't issued any opinion and nothing can be done without our opinion, which already will be a violation,'' Environmental Impact Expert Center' SNCO of Nature Protection Ministry said.

There are estimates of 628,37 thousand tons of lead, 711.44 tons of zinc, 63.4 thousand tons of copper, 2605.3 tons of cadmium, 201.18 tons of silver and 9789.0 kg of gold.

"Vayq Metal" LLC intends to develop the mine through 3 open pits and in opencast manner.

17:47 November 18, 2016


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