Forest Conservation Is Matter of National Security: Statement

Forest Conservation Is Matter of National Security: Statement


The representatives of several NGOs and civic initiatives in Tavush Region, citizens, members of Ijevan Aldermen’s Council discussed the situation in Ijevan and made a statement, “Forest is a national wealth and the conservation of forest is a matter of national security. Illegal tree felling is condemned and no circumstance can justify it.

The cases of violence recorded in the evening of 17 July are the consequence of system corruption: still people, to a certain extent, interrelated with forest businesses and businessmen continue holding offices in new Armenia.

We are urging the police to apply more preventative measures in order to avoid such cases in the future, to avoid clashes and use of violence.

The model existing for forest management is not only out-of-date, but also it doesn’t justify itself for already 20 years. “ArmForest” SNCO shall present a new and innovative management model in the shortest time period, which will guarantee the exclusion of pressure on the forest,” as the FB page of Tavush Regional Municipality informs.

July 19, 2019 at 19:38