Call of Armenian Intelligentsia to International Community: Support in Recognition of Artsakh Independence

Call of Armenian Intelligentsia to International Community: Support in Recognition of Artsakh Independence

"Artsakh for Peace" initiative, which was joined by more than 80 non-governmental organizations, human rights activists, cultural and artistic figures, scientists, doctors and public figures, calls on the international community to support the recognition of Artsakh independence. EcoLur has also joined this call.

The open letter says:


Remedial Recognition - the only way to save the people of Artsakh!  

This call is directed to all countries and international organizations from a group of Armenian individuals, organizations and NGOs who have committed themselves to the protection of human rights, democracy, peace, rule of law, children's rights, preservation of the environment and cultural heritage for many years.

We raise awareness about the offensive war against the Armenian population of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), innocent civilians currently facing ethnic cleansing in their home of many centuries. Join us to prevent new Genocide from happening in Europe.

On September 27, 2020Azerbaijan started missile attacks along the entire line of contact with Artsakh, not only targeting military objects, but alsopeaceful settlements of Artsakh and Armenia including schools, churches, residential buildings and infrastructures, hospitals, and the maternity hospital. In this full-scale war,Syrian mercenaries and terrorists as well as special units of theTurkish army are fighting along side the Azerbaijani army.Since the beginning of this escalation, Azerbaijan has been regularly violating a number of Geneva and Hague international humanitarian conventions, in humanely treating Armenian captives and civilians, using forbidden weapons against the civilian population, including local and international journalists, as well as using banned chemical phosphorus weapons to burn huge areas of forests.

Azerbaijan and Armenia came to an agreement of humanitarian ceasefire on October 10, 18 and 26, 2020 with the mediation of Russia, France and the USA. All three times Azerbaijan violated ceasefire agreements in a matter of minutes and continued the military aggression. It is unacceptable for us to get involved in an exhausting and inhumane war when the whole world is already suffering from coronavirus and its lethal consequences.

We believe that big changes are brought by small steps. We are calling on our international partners and organizations to stand by us and urge their governments to take solid steps towards lasting peace in our region. For the last 30 years, Artsakh has been an independent and democratic state with a rapidly developing economy. Artsakh has been inhabited by ethnic Armenians for centuries.

We are asking you to support the Remedial Recognition of Artsakh-the only way to save the Armenians living there and to stop the ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan and Turkey, based on territorial and geopolitical interests. We would be very grateful if you join us in spreading fact-checked and trustworthy information and also make donations which will be used solely for humanitarian purposes to support those who have lost their homes and loved ones as a result of the ongoing war.

Help us recover the losses and prevent further ones by donating to theAll Armenia Fund!

We are asking you to share with us the steps you take in the form of screenshots, letters and posts on social media. Please, use these hashtags so we can follow upon your transaction and posts: #ArtsakhForPeace, #WeWantPeace, #CallFromArmenia.

Now is the moment that Armenia and Artsakh need your support!

If you want to support us in any other way, you are welcome to send medical and material supplies. Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information.

Contact: [email protected]

  1. Foundation Against the Violation of Law
  2. Helsinki Association for Human Rights NGO
  3. National Center of Law, Armenia
  4. Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO
  5. Armenian Young Women's Association
  6. “YANUS” Legal NGO
  7. Larisa Alaverdyan, the first Human Rights Defender /Ombudsman/ of Armenia
  8. Dr. Hranush Kharatyan, anthropologist
  9. Sona Ayvazyan, Director of Transparency International Anticorruption Center
  10. Nina Karapetyants, Human Rights Advocate
  11. Nazeli Vardanyan, Human Rights Advocate, Member of Chamber of Advocates of RA
  12. Ruben Asatryan, Honored Artist of Republic of Armenia, Conductor of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia, Conductor of National Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan, Dean of State Conservatory after Komitas
  13. Rafik Sarkisyan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the General Surgery Division at National Center of Oncology after V.A. Fanarjian
  14. Ashot Markosyan, Doctor of Science, Professor, Laureate of Breakthrough Price in Physics, Research Scientist at Stanford University, USA
  15. Prof. Geghuni Chitchyan, Composer, National Artist of RA
  16. Prof. Armine Grigoryan, Pianist, Laureate of International Competitions
  17. Prof. Alice Hekimbashyan, Soloist of the Soloist of the National Opera and Ballet Theater after A. Spendiaryan, Honored Artist of RA
  18. Irina Kandinskaya, Prof. Moscow State Conservatory, Honored Artist of Russian Federation
  19. Prof. Anna Mayilyan, Honored Artist of Republic of Armenia, professor at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas
  20. Prof. Getik Baghdasaryan, National Artist of Armenia, Sculptor
  21. Prof. Anatoly Avetyan, National Artist of Armenia
  22. Haghtanak Shahumyan, Honored Artist of RA
  23. Hasmik Harutyunyan, Folk Singer, Meritorious Artist of RA
  24. Karen. A. Swassjan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, lecturer with the "Forum für Geisteswissenschaft", Switzerland
  25. Narine Abgaryan, Writer, Russia
  26. Mariam Merabova, Singer, Russia
  27. Aram Khachaturian Museum
  28. Khachaturian Trio - Armine Grigoryan, Karen Shahgaldyan, Karen Kocharyan
  29. Ruzan Sarian, Director of Martiros Sarian House-Museum
  30. Marine Otaryan, Composer, Honorary Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
  31. Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum
  32. Christina Mkrtchyan, Artist, Founder of Art Christi, France
  33. Hrant Tadevosyan National Artist of Armenia, member of the Russian Academy of Arts
  34. Vardan Avetyan, Artist, Director of Art School of Jermuk
  35. Noune Shamakhyan, President of Cultural Fund “Anahit”
  36. Tereza Beglaryan, Magister/ Young Opera Singer, Austria
  37. Anastasia Gorokhova, Writer, Germany
  38. Mamikon Yengibaryan, Sculptor, Hungary
  39. Boris Tosunyan, Journalist, Member of Union of Foreign Press in Vienna
  40. Vera Tariverdieva, President of Mikael Tariverdiev Charity Fund, Russia
  41. International Academy of Literary Documentary in RA
  42. Eliza Minasyan, Executive Director - Jinishian Memorial Program, USA
  43. Heghine Manasyan, Director of Research and Development of Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia
  44. Green Party of Armenia
  45. “GOY” Environmental-Legal NGO
  46. “Public Awareness and Monitoring Centre” NGO
  47. Forum for the 21st Century Leaders
  48. “EcoLur Informational” NGO
  49. “Armenian Forests” Environmental NGO
  50. "Ecological Academy" NGO
  51. “Environmental Public Society” NGO
  52. Irina Tosunyan, Writer, Member of Russian and Moscow Journalists Unions, Member of the Foreign Press Center in the U.S.
  53. Fuller Center for Housing Armenia
  54. Lilit Hakobyan, CIPD Assoc, Founding Director of Proservicel
  55. Oleg Dulgaryan, Human Rights Activist
  56. "Centre for Community Mobilization and Support" NGO
  57. Margarita Hakobjanyan, Founder of Modus Consulting LLC
  58. Nune Umr-Shat, Russian Teacher, Austria
  59. ''Shogher Union" Social-Educational NGO
  60. “Martuni Women's Community Council” NGO
  61. Karina Yeranosyan, General Manager Bolero Cruise, Lines
  62. Dalma-Sona Fund
  63. “New Horizons” NGO
  64. “Green Way” NGO
  65. “Green Lane” NGO
  66. Green Training Center LLC
  67. Karapet Matinyan, Physician, Founder of “Primula Medical Center”
  68. Լusni” childhood center
  69. “Success Lady youth” NGO
  70. “Kara and Co” LLC
  71. Hrayr Atshemyan, Violinist, Associate professor of Violin at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Germany
  72. Mikayel Hakhnazaryan, Solo-Cellist of Munich Chamber Orchestra, Germany
  73. Alin Demirdjian, Singer, Composer, Argentina
  74. “GUrban Social-Cultural” NGO, Armenia-Germany
  75. Areg Hakobyan, Classical Guitarist and Composer, Germany
  76. “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO
  77. Dr. Nikolay Harutyunyan, Researcher, Germany
  78. Seda Amir-Karayan, Classical Singer, Germany
  79. Astghik Matiyan, Violinist, Germany
  80. Santiago Martín Cornejo, Engineer, Ecuador
  81. Jeanne Seguin, Classical Singer, Associate professor at the Trossingen University of Music, France
  82. Armenak Dovlatyan, President at Green Party of Armenia"

November 06, 2020 at 15:06