"Sagamar" CJSC Resumed Armanis Gold-Polymetallic Mining

"Sagamar" CJSC  Resumed Armanis Gold-Polymetallic Mining

"Sagamar" CJSC has resumed Armanis gold-polymetallic mining in Lori Region.

According to the PPV-0993 soil management agreement signed on December 20, 2012 between RA Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Sagamar CJSC, the company was to operate the mine during 2012-2049. The mine has not been developed since 2015.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration initiated administrative proceedings against Sagamar CJSC, as the company did not pay 9,481,120 AMD to the Environmental Protection Fund, just as it did not operate Armanis gold-polymetallic mine in 2016-2019.

On 11.06.2021, during the administrative hearing held at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, the company submitted some documents, according to which it transferred 9,124,557 AMD to the account of the Central Treasury, as well as the letter by RA Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body. According to the letter, the results of the company inspection showed that in March 2021, the company started mining at the same time as mining and earthworks, whereas the company had extracted 2135 tons of ore by March 24, 2021. This is what we learn from decree 1006-Ա by Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures dated on 24 June 2021.

July 06, 2021 at 14:30