Metallurgical Plant Being Built in Yerashkh

Metallurgical Plant Being Built in Yerashkh

A large Armenian-American metallurgical plant is being built in Yeraskh.

“JTB STEEL” LLC is building a metallurgical plant in Yeraskh. On March 3, 2023, RA Environment Ministry issued a positive conclusion to the main environmental impact assessment report (EIA) of the company's black metal waste processing plant in Yeraskh village, Ararat Region.

According to the report, the annual productivity of the factory makes up 108,000 tons, and the number of employees involved in the work will be limited to 250.

The plant will occupy 1.5 hectares of land previously used as a warehouse. The factory will produce rebars and balls for mills. Metal casting will be carried out in induction (electric) furnaces.


In order to clean the gases and dust, it is planned to introduce an aspiration system and two stages of gas cleaning, which will allow to bring the content of harmful substances in the gases emitted into the atmosphere to the permissible limit concentrations. A 33-35 m high gas exhaust pipe will also be installed. Exhaust gases can also contain carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen.


The technical water supply is planned to be carried out from the well, and the drinking water from "Veolia Water" company. Five reservoirs with a capacity of 172 cubic meters each are planned for circulating water.


Under the report, the waste generated during the activity is the slag generated as a result of smelting black metal. In case of annual productivity of 108 thousand tons, 1620 tons of slag will be generated.

June 06, 2023 at 18:14