Official Announcements of Stakeholders on Karmir Sar

Official Announcements of Stakeholders on Karmir Sar


EcoLur is presenting the official statements of all stakeholders in regard with the leased land areas by “Karmir Sir” environmental foundation.

The enquiry of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front to Nature Protection Ministry: We would like to ask you to answer out question and to provide the following information:

1. Whether “Karmir Sar” Environmental Foundation has all he permits laid down in the governmental resolutions and the laws to carry out the activities:

2. Please, provide the copes of all the reports provided by the Foundation to Nature Protection Ministry.”

Nature Protection Ministry’s reply: “On 6 October 2015 the Nature Protection Ministry and “Karmir Sar” Environmental Foundation singed contract 004 “On Preservation and Restoration of Flora and Fauna Objects”. The contract concluded with “Karmir Sar” Environmental Foundation doesn’t lay down any submission of reports to Nature Protection Ministry.”

“Karmir Sar” Environmental Foundation’s official statement: The foundation hasn’t carried out any tree planting so far. The Foundation, Garni Rural Municipality and “Yerevan Jur” CJSC signed a contract on leasing one hectare land area located in Garni community. At this moment this area is cleaned and improved by “Karmir Sar” Environmental Foundation.

Heads of Stakeholder Communities

Garni Community Head Ashot Vardanyan informed EcoLur that 350-400 ha of area near Garni is under the supervision of the foundation.

According to Lanjazat community head Hrayr Hakobjanyan, the foundation has both leased and purchased land areas in the community area.

As Hatsavan Community Head Shavarsh Sargsyan told EcoLur that in June-July 2015 the foundation leased 100 ha of community land areas, but later it refused from them.

June 01, 2016 at 18:44