Boris Navasardyan: EEU Membership Eventually To Fail

Boris Navasardyan: EEU Membership Eventually To Fail


The Armenian membership to the Eurasian Union will eventually fails, as Yerevan press Club Chairman Boris Navasardyan said at the press conference held at EcoLur press Club on 3 December.

“I can’t imagine that there are any common principles and common interests of activities in this union. The conflict of interests is already evident. We can clearly see the tense relations between Kazakhstan and Belarus, on the one hand, and with Russia, on the other hand, while Armenia’s accession to this union rich in heavy relations will deteriorate the possibility for success,” Boris Navasardyan said.

In his opinion, the role of Armenia in the Eurasian Union is exaggerated, as the political culture in the environment, where Armenia will show up, doesn’t suppose that a weak participant will be listened to and taken into consideration. Naturally, Armenia can’t be a main role player and the mission that Armenia will be vested on, will be very hard for out state to bear.

What about the EU, Boris Navasardyan said, “Now a new committee has been formed in the EU, factually, a new European government and it hasn’t finally decided what kind of policy to run in regard with Russia and the Eurasian Union and such countries as Armenia, which has refused from the association agreement, and, on the other hand, our officials keep on stating that they are interested in keeping relations with the EU in politics…”

Armenian National Platform of Civil Society Forum of EU Eastern Partnership national coordinator Michael Hohannisyan noted that Armenia was the least discussed country in the 6th annual meeting of the EaP CSP. According to him, the reason is the lack of clearness where to go and what kind of format to select for bilateral relations. Under him, the commonness of the countries included in the Eurasian Economic Union is the authoritarian nature of the countries.

December 03, 2014 at 18:15

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