"Sevan Trout" To Review Its Project


In 2013-2017 the Foundation for Recovery of Sevan Trout Reserves and Development of Fish Breeding received 8 billion AMD from the state for the implementation of this project. According to the program approved by the government, the production of young fish is planned to make 50,000 tons by 2024 ensuring 4,000 working places. Currently, the Foundation employs 80-90 people, while the production doesn’t exceed 150 tons, as Foundation Director Vardan Mamikonyan said at the trial of the case “On Hazards Threatening Lake Sevan Having Strategic Significance for Armenia” held by Public Environmental Court on 8 May.

Though the figures mentioned in the program and the work currently performed by the Foundation is quite different, Vardan Mamikonyan assessed their performance as a process at a normal rate and added that the program is currently being reviewed.

According to the program, the Foundation shall let out into the lake 25% of the young fish it produces: more young fish can’t be let out as the most part must be sold in order to re-invest the income into the program. Young fish up to 1.5 gr is let out to Lake Sevan, while fish weighing 50 grams or over are taken to the cages.

Vardan Mamikonyan claims the forage they use doesn’t contain any hormones. These forages are exported from Denmark, Holland, Italy and France. Under him, numerous companies have examined the forage and denied the absence of any hormones there.

The data presented by Vardan Mamikonyan show that the program approved by the previous Armenian Government has been changes and the expected outcomes significantly fall behind the stated indicators.


May 24, 2019 at 18:04