Fight against Poachers Shall Be Carried out in Lake Sevan and Not in Markets

Fight against Poachers Shall Be Carried out in Lake Sevan and Not in Markets


Gegharkounik-based NGOs have sent a letter to Head of RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Head Arthur Grigoryan asking to enhance the fight against poachers in Lake Sevan.

The letter says: 'RA Environmental and Mining Inspection, Police, Nature Protection Ministry as represented by Sevan National park and Gegharkounik Regional Municipality shall carry out enhanced control in Lake Sevan to prevent illegal fishing from 20 December to 20 January. Yes, in Lake Sevan and not in the bazaars. If the fish has been taken out of the water, whether it is not senseless to fine and detain fishmongers in the bazaars? This ban hasn't ever worked and this year is not an exception either. Huge amounts of whitefish are sold in permitted and not permitted bazaars in Yerevan and regions. Early in the morning when driving along the highway one case count numerous boats on the lake, which shows no boats and fishing tools have been taken out of the lake.

Dear Mr. Grigoryan, we are requesting and requiring:

1. Start inspections:

· To examine the availability and content of the contracts between the fishermen and Sevan National Park,

· To find out the number of all legal and illegal boats having access to the lake, the amount and types of permitted fishing (not only whitefish),

· To find out the real grounds and duration of the ban of the industrial fishing of the whitefish.

2. To exercise 24/7 control not only in the Armenian markets but also on the lake shores, as we find if the fish is taken out of the water, it will definitely be sold.'

January 08, 2019 at 17:53