Nature protection Ministry Conceals Lake Sevan Shore Cleaning Data

Nature protection Ministry Conceals Lake Sevan Shore Cleaning Data


Nature Protection Ministry conceals the data about cleaning Lake Sevan shores from forests. Gavar Aarhus Center made an enquiry to Nature Protection Ministry how much timber was obtained due to shore cleaning and at what price and to which communities it was sold. Nevertheless, the Ministry refused to reply to Gavar Aarhus Center, as website informs. “The Ministry replied that these issues refer to economic issues and not environmental ones, so they don’t relate to the provisions prescribed by Article 2 of the Aarhus Center on the access to environmental information. But the Aarhus Center made its enquiry substantiating it that the timber obtained due to shore cleaning is a public property and its management is vested on the bodies performing public services. Not satisfied with the reply it received, i.e. the refusal to reply, it asks the ministry either to provide reply or to substantiate the refusal,” Mari Chakryan’s material says.
For our part we would like note that the issue of shore cleaning for Sevan is rather sharp, as the level of Lake Sevan increases and non-cleaned shores with forests remain under water. The government spends significant funds to clean the shores, annually about 1250 million AMD (around 400,000 AMD). The locals asked to give them an opportunity to clean the shores free of charge and to take the timber instead.

July 19, 2013 at 13:59

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