Qaghtsrashen Residents Demanding Irrigation Water from Government

Qaghtsrashen Residents Demanding Irrigation Water from Government


The residents of Qaghtsrashen community in Ararat Region held a protest demonstration in front of the government building on 16 July demanding irrigation water.

According to the protesters, they can’t irrigate their land areas for already several weeks: “Artashat” WUC in charge of water supply in Qaghtsrashen is carrying out cleaning of aqueducts. The protesters have attempted to block Tigran Mets Avenue, but the policemen didn’t allow them to do it.

After a protest demonstration lasting several hours the protesters held a consultation with the administration of Water Committee: “We have arranged to examination the situation on the spot and to take all necessary measures to resume the regular water supply,” Deputy Chair of Water Committee Harutyun Gulyan informed the Novosti Armenia news agency.

It should be mentioned that Qaghtsrashen community is located under the control of Sevan-Hrazdan system, besides that, the community is included in the project of Qaghstrashen gravity irrigation system, nevertheless, they don’t receive any water from Qaghstrashen gravity irrigation system. Public Relations Department of Water Committee informed EcoLur that the construction of the gravity irrigation system has been accomplished; the Qaghtsrashen gravity line has already been constructed and is currently in the trial stage.



July 17, 2019 at 18:13