Emissions from Aparan Pig Farm – Cause of Protest

Emissions from Aparan Pig Farm – Cause of Protest

The residents of Mesrop Mashtots street in Aparan Town, Aragatsotn Region, are again complaining about the stench caused by the pig farm located 10-30 m away from their residential houses. "A terrible stink spreads from the pig farm, because of which we cannot even open the windows in the heat of summer, whereas the production waste water of the pig farm continues to flow into the Qasakh River," the residents told EcoLur.

The problem is not new. Back in September 2022, after the alarm signal beaten by the residents, Aparan Municipality informed the residents that it had sent a notice to the owner of the pig farm to stop the activity of the livestock owner. However, the problem has not been solved.

Arkadi Karapetyan, Aparan First Deputy Mayor, told EcoLur, "I again instructed to conduct a study in the pig farm in order to understand what the situation is, what has been done after our instruction, according to this there will be additional information, we will understand our next steps," he said.



June 15, 2023 at 13:41

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