Alarm Signal: Trees Have Dried up in "Fizgorodok", Yerevan

Alarm Signal: Trees Have Dried up in "Fizgorodok", Yerevan

The trees have dried up in the territory of Yerevan Institute of Physics (Fizgorodok), and some of them have been damaged and stripped of bark. Vahram Asatryan, a Yerevan resident, posted this on his Facebook page, noting that the area is untidy, the trees are not watered.

According to him, "Fizgorodok" area was included in the list of monuments on his own initiative for the accelerator (cyclotron) in the area.

In the letter addressed to Vahram Asatryan by RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in May 2023, it was stated that "Fizgorodok", which received the status of a monument of local significance, belongs to the community and "it is the responsibility of the owner of the monument to keep the monument in a neat and clean condition."

EcoLur sends this alarm to "Landscape Gardening and Environmental Protection" NPO of Yerevan Municipality.

July 28, 2023 at 18:35